Simple tips to recognize a sex doll that is fake?

Simple tips to recognize a sex doll that is fake?

How to prevent fake and counterfeit dolls that are real

As a couple of Chinese practical doll brands such as for instance WM Dolls have actually gained worldwide success, a wide range of factories in Asia have begun to unashamedly copy their designs and launch fake copies. What’s worse, copy manufacturers frequently acquire WM Dolls and YL Doll original picture galleries. The market has been fl ded with cheap, low quality fakes sold on e-shops featuring authentic WM Dolls and YL Doll galleries as a result. The ultimate loser right here is the ultimate consumer, whom gets a doll that does not satisfy their objectives with regards to quality and design. The goal of this informative article is to offer possible doll that is realistic because of the primary t ls to acknowledge and give a wide berth to fake/counterfeit genuine dolls.

First, let’s become familiar with just what the high quality brands are. Below is a summary of the product quality and trustworthy brands of practical love dolls built in China (update May 2021)

  • DS Dolls (silicone)
  • Sanhui (silicone)
  • JM Doll (silicone)
  • Sinodoll (silicone)
  • Silikodoll (silicone)
  • CST Doll (silicone)
  • Elsa Babe (silicone)
  • WM Dolls (TPE and silicone)
  • YL Doll/YL Doll (TPE)
  • OR Doll (TPE)
  • SEDoll (TPE and silicone)
  • Dollhouse168 (TPE)
  • Doll Forever (TPE)
  • 6YEDoll (TPE)
  • HR Doll (TPE)
  • EL Doll (TPE)
  • Orgasm Doll (TPE)
  • JY Doll (TPE)
  • AS Doll (TPE)
  • Irontech Doll (TPE and silicone)
  • Qita (TPE)
  • SM Doll (TPE and silicone)
  • SY Doll (TPE)
  • Jarliet (TPE)
  • Sange (TPE)
  • Piper Doll (TPE and silicone)
  • AF Doll (TPE)
  • JL Doll (TPE)

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